Monday, November 19, 2012

Join my Team!

The start up kit costs $99 plus shipping and handling. And it is well worth it! You will get a ton of Scentsy products including a full size warmer, a scent bar, a Scentsy Buddy, room spray, scent circle, and more! You will even get a few samples of Scentsy's new line, Layers. That is lotions, body wash, and other personal care items. In this kit you will get a start up guidebook that will help you get started. And don't forget that I am here too to help with any questions you may have.  You will have everything you need to get your Scentsy parties rolling! You also get a personal Scentsy website that anyone can order from.

Scentsy also offers incentive trips yearly.  This year it is possible to earn a trip and pick where you want to go from several choices (New York, Washington DC, Hawaii and Costa Rica).  I joined last year and was able to earn the trip for myself and my husband to the Dominican Republic (all inclusive). Having these incentives helps you to get motivated and stay motivated. Scentsy has other incentives as well which you can learn about when you get your starter kit.

You get paid commission on everything you sell. From the start, Scentsy pays you 20% of what you sell. You may earn more commissions and bonuses as you build your own team and on personal sales. For instance, once you have sold $1000 you become a "Certified Consultant" and earn 25% commissions from then on out. The only minimums you have to reach is at least $150 sold every 3 months. It's pretty easy to reach that minimum!

When you sign up, you will get a personal Scentsy website or PWS. This is a great tool to have so people will be able to order online or just browse what Scentsy has to offer. If they place an order through your PWS you do not have to do anything! They enter their credit card info and Scentsy ships it directly to them and you get the commissions. It's super easy! That's what I love about this company. It's so versatile. You can throw parties and/or have an online business and put as much or as little time into it as you want.
What are you waiting for????

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