Friday, February 17, 2012

Mom Blogs

       I started searching the web and kept finding all these "Mom Blogs". I started reading them on a regular basis and became interested in what each one was all about and learning from them. I learned how to save money using coupons, I learned search engine optimization (SEO), and how to build a better blog. I could relate to a lot of these blogs and it amazed me how each one could make money simply by talking about some things that they love, knew how to do, or just found online and wanted to share it with others. How were they making money?? By advertising on their mom blog. Simply by having ads in their blog they are earning money. and another plus side to these mom blogs is that they usually have a lot of Facebook followers. Tweeting on twitter also and then their followers tweet what they tweeted to really get it out there.

With all those contacts, followers, etc, why aren't they making the most of it? Why aren't they selling Scentsy? They don't have to do home parties or stock inventory. All their customers would have to do is order from their Scentsy website and Scentsy does the rest. They would just have to sit back and collect the added pay check.

So if you are a "Mom Blogger" why not start selling Scentsy? Join Scentsy at my website

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