Friday, February 17, 2012

Scentsy Pay

The Scentsy pay card is my favorite card to carry.  Once a month, our Scentsy commission is paid to the card without having to wait for a “live” check to come in the mail.  I can work from home and provide flexible hours for myself so that l am able to pick up my son from school, set up  doctor appointments, make phone calls, and do in-home parties according my schedule.  There are a LOT of consultants who continue to work a full-time job while working their Scentsy business.  In this way, you can build a Scentsy business as a supplement to what you already earn with your full-time job, working your Scentsy business until it can become your career.  Are you looking to add extra grocery money to your budget, make a car payment, pay off loans or credit cards.  Do you have a child going to college, or a need to pay off college debt yourself?  Scentsy has blessed our life in so many ways.   I didn’t realize at the time that it would be the best $99 I ever spent.  Join my Scentsy team today - it just might be what your nose has been looking for (and your bank account!).

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